Tips on How to Host a Bowling Party for Kids

Are you looking for birthday party ideas that will also add fun to your child’s day? Why not plan a bowling party? Here are some tips on how to host bowling parties for kids.

Get a location

The first thing you should do is book the bowling alley on time, so that you are not disappointed. It is also possible to reserve lines for your team. Usually, four bowlers can use one lane. Although some bowling alleys give the user the opportunity to use more than four bowlers, this can have some bad effects as children may become agitated when waiting a long time before playing again.

You can also get cakes, snacks and drinks, but you must ask permission before bringing them. Some bowling centers provide several packages such as meals, so you can ask them about their group rates for a more affordable deal.


Your bowling party invitation should carry the bowling party theme you want. You can buy party invitations from physical or online stores or get customized copies. To get better satisfaction from your child, you can get an idea of ​​what your child wants by making it personal and asking your child to make a sketch related to bowling.

Party Decoration

Decorating a bowling party is another important factor to consider when planning your kids bowling party. You can choose from a 1950’s feel or just plain retro. You can also decide to go with a black, pink, or turquoise color scheme.

Here are some ideas that you can use to lighten up your birthday decorations to give the best bowling alley party space.

Use dangle shirts, bowling shoes, and balls cut from paper as garlands around the bowling alley.
Use alternating red and white balloons to make bowling pins.
Make black balloons and draw holes on them to make them look like bowling balls.
You can also suggest a client wear a bowling party shirt. Alternatively, you can make provisions for props such as scarves (cat eye designs), sweaters, etc., which are available at thrift stores.
Party Help

When preparing for a bowling party, you can buy flashlights, water bottles, bowling pins (inflate), bowling shirts, key chains, gift cards for access to free games, etc.

Also, provide the children with photos of various guests while playing bowling. You can also give the children a printed picture frame or send it to the child with a thank you card.

Bowling Activity Plans

Another way to have an active and fun bowling party is to establish an activity plan. Bowling parties usually start with a few hours – perhaps an hour or two – of bowling followed by snacking, singing birthday songs, opening gifts, eating cakes, exchanging favors and goodbyes.

You can decide to add a few more events, depending on what you want. You can ask your kids to have a mini contest while playing bowling.

Food And Cake

Some bowling alleys may require that you order food by them when serving snacks, lunch, or dinner. They offer food items such as hamburgers, pizza, french fries, and sometimes food. But you may be required to come with your cupcake or cake. For the cake, you can enjoy the frozen cake decorated with bowling pin candy. Meanwhile, for cupcakes, you can decorate them using bowling pictures.


Throwing a bowling party for kids can be a little challenging. But, with these tips, your child’s party will be a breeze. You can also add some of your creativity to make the party more fun and watch as your kids and guests enjoy bowling.