Reviews on Alley Katz Bowling Alley

In the city center is the Alley Katz Bowling Center. It’s a fun place to bowl and also a great place for people to socialize. People have grown up around the center and consider it an important part of the community. Alley Katz is much more than just a place to play bowling. Apart from the Alley Katz bowling alley, there is an arcade complete with classic games like pinball as well as current favorites. You can show off your pool skills or just relax at Cleats Sports Club.
Since 1960, when the General Cinemas Company built a bowling and entertainment center, the venue has undergone a number of changes and renovations. It was originally known as Holiday Lanes until 1985 when Wood Foss bought the business and changed the name to Alley Katz Entertainment Center. Over the years, several major steps were taken to update and improve the facility. Added electronic scoring system with flat screen technology. The lines are revived with a synthetic finish. Lighting was updated throughout the facility and a new sound system was installed.

Alley Katz Bowling

The people who run Alley Katz Bowling are always looking to do things for their loyal clients. They have specials most days of the week. On Sundays, between 9:00 and 12:00 noon, you can rent a 3 hour unlimited bowling course for just $ 27.00. Lunacy Bowling starts at 9pm and lasts until midnight. Every Sunday – Thursday, bowlers pay only $ 8.00 to bend all the games they want over a 3 hour period. There are many other great deals for holidays and other special events. The center also hosts a number of bowling leagues for players of all skill levels.

Cleats Sports Club

Cleats Sports Club at the Alley Katz bowling center is a full-service bar and resataurant. You can have a selection of beers, both domestic and imported or you can order from their extensive menu. They serve all kinds of delicacies including the delicious grilled chicken Caeser Salad and the satisfying melt tuna. The burgers are delicious. They are all hand pressed and come in a variety of styles. The “Strike Zone” is a very popular item. This is a juicy burger topped with bacon, lettuce and tomato and some mayonnaise.

There’s always a lot of good music on Cleats, sometimes a DJ will play the tune and other times you can listen to the Club’s extensive library. On Tuesday night, it’s time for Alley Katz Karaoke. Whether you’re brave enough to get up and appear or you just want to watch someone else belt out their version of “Born in the USA”, you’re sure to have a good time.

Whether it’s practicing your bowling game, enjoying Saturday night Rock n ‘Bowl (conplete with music and fog machines) or just grabbing a bite at Cleats, Westerly Center, RI is sure to have fun.

The Origins of Bowling

Bowling is one of the most popular pastimes in developed countries. The entire championship attracts the attention of viewers and TV watchers, who follow the sporting careers of the skilled player. Indeed, bawling turned from a simple game to a real sporting event, but less people have been aware of its distribution since ancient times. Bowling seems to be a popular game of all time and people.
The first notification of bawling dates back to 5200 BC, which was stated by archaeological investigations in Egypt. In particular, the find in one of the tombs included a small stone ball, three pieces of thin marble and nine pins, indicating that the game’s principles and strategies were familiar to ancient people. In 1939 there was an assumption that introduced that a ball was thrown through a small gate formed by a thin marble.

3rd Century Germany

The German historian William Pel states that bowling originated in Germany in the 3rd century. At first, it had nothing in common with entertainment, but was considered a religious ritual. Pins are a kind of weapon, used for attacking and mistreating. That is why bowling symbolizes the eradication process, as the pins are the embodiment of.

Over the following centuries clay and wooden sidewalks for bowling were erected in other European countries; pin game conquer France, Spain and England; in the British Isles, in particular, bawling was considered a privilege of the aristocracy, while variants of the pin were popular among the working class. Many bowling clubs opened in England in the 15th century. It was also popular in the Netherlands and in the 17th century was exported to the United States. So, the general idea that bowling has started in America seems bogus and contradictory.

The true boom of modern type bowling was registered at the end of the 19th century, when the 10th pin was added. In addition, in 1895 the first institution that controlled the rules of the game was founded – the American Bowling Community. Over time, this game was successful and distributed all over the world. At the same time, new equipment and technological solutions were needed. One of the related patents was issued to Gottfried Schmidt in the late 1930s; he invented the automatic tweezers – a device for automatic ball and pin return. Speaking of bowling balls, it has also undergone several technological changes; in the early 20th century it was made of stone wood and until recently bowling balls were made of polyester and various polyurethane modifications.

7 methods to perfect your bowling game

Method 1: proper equipment In order to enhance the performance in any game, one must always use the best equipment. The right bowling ball, adjusted to the right material, holes and f …

Method 1: proper equipment

In order to perfect performance in any game, one must always use the best equipment. The right bowling ball, adapted to the right material, holes and finger grip, fis is without a doubt the most important equipment in any player’s arsenal.

Method 2: Get enough exercise

To improve your performance in bowling, you should practice at least two or three times a week. The best thing to practice is to join a league and play a few matches for practice before the main game, this way you can enjoy your game while learning from more experienced players who also come before the main game to train.

Method 3: Learning to walk

For new players the 4-step approach is the best way to start learning, even without the ball practicing walking is highly recommended because of the head-up posture, smooth and consistent arm swing and even the essential steps for a perfect ball release.

Method 4: Learn to roll the ball

Most new players throw the ball instead of rolling it. A thrown ball will make a loud noise and will slide before it starts rolling, greatly reducing accuracy. Players should always be relaxed and focused before rolling the ball, always keep an eye on the target as the ball is released and roll down to knock as many pins as possible.

Method 5: Learn Learn

It is always wise to focus and concentrate while bowling, analyzing the trajectory of the ball, always visualizing it and yourself as you let go, and when you feel that the game is running perfectly it is important to note the details and refer to the notes for future games.

Method 6: Improvisation

In situations where the player cannot spend enough time at the bowling alley, he can always practice at home by improvising. Of course using real house bowling balls is dangerous and alternatives to the ball should always be used. While at home the training line should always be marked, as well as the place where the leg should be positioned. When practicing at home, safety for yourself and your property should always be your priority. Outdoor training has been shown to be more efficient and safer than indoor training. The swing can be practiced with the well-known water bucket method, the small hole at the bottom of the bucket will easily indicate the direction if the swing as the weight of the ball is also imitated. This way you can adjust the way you move your body Before releasing the ball.

Method 7: Lighten yourself up

A bowler can hold an average of 180 even if he doesn’t get hit by practicing to take his reserves. Bowling at 7 or 10 pins across the strike zone from the other side of the lane is a great way to practice and perfect your bowling game.

Tips on How to Host a Bowling Party for Kids

Are you looking for birthday party ideas that will also add fun to your child’s day? Why not plan a bowling party? Here are some tips on how to host bowling parties for kids.

Get a location

The first thing you should do is book the bowling alley on time, so that you are not disappointed. It is also possible to reserve lines for your team. Usually, four bowlers can use one lane. Although some bowling alleys give the user the opportunity to use more than four bowlers, this can have some bad effects as children may become agitated when waiting a long time before playing again.

You can also get cakes, snacks and drinks, but you must ask permission before bringing them. Some bowling centers provide several packages such as meals, so you can ask them about their group rates for a more affordable deal.


Your bowling party invitation should carry the bowling party theme you want. You can buy party invitations from physical or online stores or get customized copies. To get better satisfaction from your child, you can get an idea of ​​what your child wants by making it personal and asking your child to make a sketch related to bowling.

Party Decoration

Decorating a bowling party is another important factor to consider when planning your kids bowling party. You can choose from a 1950’s feel or just plain retro. You can also decide to go with a black, pink, or turquoise color scheme.

Here are some ideas that you can use to lighten up your birthday decorations to give the best bowling alley party space.

Use dangle shirts, bowling shoes, and balls cut from paper as garlands around the bowling alley.
Use alternating red and white balloons to make bowling pins.
Make black balloons and draw holes on them to make them look like bowling balls.
You can also suggest a client wear a bowling party shirt. Alternatively, you can make provisions for props such as scarves (cat eye designs), sweaters, etc., which are available at thrift stores.
Party Help

When preparing for a bowling party, you can buy flashlights, water bottles, bowling pins (inflate), bowling shirts, key chains, gift cards for access to free games, etc.

Also, provide the children with photos of various guests while playing bowling. You can also give the children a printed picture frame or send it to the child with a thank you card.

Bowling Activity Plans

Another way to have an active and fun bowling party is to establish an activity plan. Bowling parties usually start with a few hours – perhaps an hour or two – of bowling followed by snacking, singing birthday songs, opening gifts, eating cakes, exchanging favors and goodbyes.

You can decide to add a few more events, depending on what you want. You can ask your kids to have a mini contest while playing bowling.

Food And Cake

Some bowling alleys may require that you order food by them when serving snacks, lunch, or dinner. They offer food items such as hamburgers, pizza, french fries, and sometimes food. But you may be required to come with your cupcake or cake. For the cake, you can enjoy the frozen cake decorated with bowling pin candy. Meanwhile, for cupcakes, you can decorate them using bowling pictures.


Throwing a bowling party for kids can be a little challenging. But, with these tips, your child’s party will be a breeze. You can also add some of your creativity to make the party more fun and watch as your kids and guests enjoy bowling.

Bowling is on the rise again!

Bowling back in the 50s and 60s seemed to be the thing to do and was at the highest percentage of any other decade including this decade. The main reason for the surge in popularity in the 50’s and 60’s was because of the automatic pin setters.

It continued to boom into the 70s but in the 80s there started to decline in popularity mainly because people didn’t have time to commit to being in the league or just didn’t have time to do general family activities. Although bowling isn’t at its peak like it was in the 50’s and 60’s it seems to be finding its way back as a fun family and team activity. There is a new bowling alley with modern facilities which make it even more attractive for this new generation to start bowling.

Bowling for all Ages

Bowling is not just for retirees or senior citizens or individuals who are part of the Professional Bowler Association (PBA). Anyone of all ages can bowl. Most people, after they try bowling, come away loving him and want to bowl again and again and maybe even join the league. Many bowling alleys have a nightly bowling league which allows people the opportunity to join the league that suits their schedule and let them fulfill their commitment to be part of the team. You can form your own team with your family or friends or a mixture of the two or you can join a team and have the opportunity to meet new people. Your team can really feel like a team by getting a bowling jersey or a shirt with your team name on it. Getting a sublimation jersey or shirt doesn’t cost much and it can really bring a lot of joy to your team and even to other teams in the league. Your team will be jealous of the other teams when they see you all wearing your special sublimation bowling outfit. There are serious leagues which are called sanctions leagues but there are many leagues that are just meant for fun. You still have competitions but it’s a league that is just as fun as they say, FUN.

Bowling League

There are some bowling leagues that even give out free bowling balls at the end of the season and there are discounts given for food purchases and discounts on bowling on non bowling league nights. I know for myself and my family when we join the bowling league it is something we all look forward to every week because we know it’s at least one night out of the week we will all be together for a few hours of fun. In the busy world we are in today, it is difficult for families to find time to be together and enjoy each other’s company. Having every family member commit to one night or day a week for family activities is the best gift you can give your family. The memories it will create will last a lifetime. Deciding a team name will always be an adventure and then having a team name wearing that custom sublimation t-shirt will be the icing on the cake. Getting a sublimated jersey or shirt is better than screen printing because you can design it as nicely as possible. You can have as many colors as you want and the cost doesn’t change if you want your team name and logo or how many spots you want decorations on the jersey. This is the cost of a different set of screen printing or heat press no matter how many colors and how much space the jersey is decorated with.

If you have never tried bowling or you have bent in the past but life gets in the way and you haven’t been able to bowl in a while drive to your nearest bowling alley and start getting those strikes. If you’ve never slouched before, you’ll find it is something you will love. If you’re a returning bowler, you’ll probably be wondering why you stopped going in the first place. Happy Bowling!

Plan a fantastic trip to the bowling alley

While they are on the rise, there aren’t a large number of family-oriented entertainment facilities or centers around. Many cities do have at least one family entertainment center. When looking to enjoy some family bowling Hagerstown is the place to be. This special game is fun for family members of all ages, including children and grandparents.

It is common for groups of friends and family to have regular weekend evenings in pleasant locations around town. Many people take advantage of the fun family complex entertainment. Facilities like this often have multiple paths along with food offerings, coin arcades, pool tables, sports bars, and more all under one roof.

Entertainment facilities are popular because they have something for everyone to enjoy without having to go to many different places. Often there are sports areas or bars for men, arcades for children, play areas for children and younger mothers, and actual trails for every age and gender. The majority of family and friends who visit the complex try to stay together and spend time with each other, usually over a few ten-pin games.

Who can Participate?

One of the most interesting things about playing is that people of all skill levels and ages can participate and have fun doing it. There are even bumpers, which stop the ball from rolling down the gutter, on most tracks for kids or others who may be new to the game. It pleases everyone involved and makes it a truly family oriented activity as no one is left out because of age or skill.

Enjoying a meal or snack while playing is usually easy as many centers have pizza restaurants, or at least snack bars featuring nachos, hot dogs, and other treats. Ordering food and eating it right on the line is fun and hassle free. As this is a service not offered everywhere, people should call ahead on their line to check if food is offered if they have not been there before.

Cosmic Play

Many trails feature themed events and specific nights and times designated for cosmic play. These games feature trendy music, flashing lights and black lights to help players feel like they are on another planet. Other high-tech offerings include a DJ sound system, bold lighting, and a large flat panel TV featuring sports games, movies and game scores.

Entertainment facilities often offer meeting and event space, making it the perfect place to hold meetings, gatherings and parties. Because of all that they have to offer, they are preferred for birthday parties for children and adults, hen nights, stag nights, family reunions, and graduation parties. For added convenience, many facilities also offer on-site catering as well as decorations and delights.

Many people place a high priority on going out with family and friends for fun. When looking for a super family activity, a great idea is to take a look at the great bowling that Hagerstown has to offer. These places are beautiful places to have quality, clean fun, where everyone can play some games, eat good food, and have a good night laugh, and unlike many other family attractions, the costs are relatively low and the returns high.