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Corporate Parties

Corporate Parties
What better way to get the office together to share a fun time.You can reserve your corporate party event by calling 330-674-6831
Group Dicount Rates
            Group of 15 or more bowler's minimum of 2 games each.
            Reservation is at the rate of 5 bowlers per lane.
To get Group Rate:
      1.     Minimum number of bowlers
      2.      One person in charge to
                        - Be responsible for the entire group
                        - Pay for the entire group
                        - Assign your bowlers to lane groups
      3.   Must Have reservations (walk ins do not qualify)
SUGGESTIONS: To group Organizers
     i.   Have a sign up sheet
     ii.   Collect the entire fee or at least part of the fee to ensure that they are seroius about showing up for your function.
     iii.   Have the people who wish to bowl together already assigned to lanes.

     iv.   Be the first person from the group to show up at the bowling center.


You can also rent the entire center for your private party.  All bowling, shoe rent, lights, music, etc. is included.  Food will be extra
The cost is: $250.00 for the first hour.
                              $225.00 for the second hour.
                        $200.00 for the third hour
15 - 30 Bowlers
Shoes $1.25, Bowling $2.50
31 - + Bowlers
Shoes $1.25, Bowling $2.00
 Special group rates during our summer, May 15th thru August 15th.
Contact Steve or Susan with your dates, times, and event for a quote.
COSMIC BOWLING group price
Shoes $2.00, Adult and Children $3.00
for 10 lane reservations cosmic bowling can be included. (40 bowlers minimum).